Can You Surf At First Light?

The short answer is YES.

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We wholeheartedly believe there is no better time to surf! First off, for those of us that work a traditional full-time job and start work at 8 or 9 in the morning, a morning surf or an evening surf are our only options.

So now you're question is "should I surf before work or after work?". Well, why not both? Okay, that may not be realistic for everyone - especially those of us with families or significant others...

So let us tell you why surfing in the morning, specifically at first light is the best time to surf. 


Why First Light?

If you're going out for a morning surf, the earlier you can get in the water means the longer you have to surf before needing to head to work. Not many people like to paddle out in the dark so first light is a good time to get in the water as visibility is starting to increase. So maximize your session before work, and get in the water at first light!


Less Crowds

One of the primary reasons surfers choose to paddle out at first light is because there's less people in the lineup than at sunset. As the majority of people are still waking up, those who are committed to waking up early are greeted by a serene lineup with fewer surfers vying for the same wave. This solitude creates a unique connection between the surfer and the ocean, allowing for a more intimate surfing experience.


Less Wind

Often times the wind will be less of a factor in the morning making the surfing conditions more favorable.


Kickstart your day

Starting your day outside, getting the body moving, and immersing yourself in cold water help wake up the body. You'll feel better, more alert, and happier as you go about the rest of your day. Who doesn't want that?


Peaceful Serenity

Surfing at first light can be a meditative experience offering a sense of peaceful serenity that is hard to replicate at any other time of the day. While the majority of the world is still asleep, the sounds of the waves, the seagulls, and the gentle morning breeze create a tranquil environment. And who doesn't love a good sunrise. This helps to clear the mind and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated for whatever the rest of the day has to throw at you.


Life Happens

Sometimes you have every intention to surf after work, but life can get in the way. The best way to guarantee that you get a surf in is to do it first thing in the morning. You have less chances for things to come up and you miss your window to surf.


Can you surf at first light, first light surf club, dawn patrol, morning, surfing, before work, sunrise 


Surfing at first light is not just about catching waves; it's about embracing the magic of a new day and connecting with the ocean in its purest form. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a novice looking to try something new, consider setting your alarm early and experiencing the joy of first light surfing. It might just become your favorite way to ride the waves.

See you at first light!


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