The Art Of The Pre Work Dawn Patrol Surf

Beginning your day in the ocean surfing is one of the best ways to start the day on the right foot. It can lead to increased mood, focus, and energy throughout the rest of the day. Additionally, being in the ocean is a meditative experience that can help rest your brain before the stress of work begins. We love surfing and encourage everyone to make it a part of their regular routine. Though it sounds simple, there's definitely an art to conquering the perfect pre-work surf while still getting into the office on time. Here are our tips to make that happen.

Planning for a morning surf actually starts the night before.

The Forecast //

It's a good idea to check the surf conditions the night before so you know what board to bring and where best to paddle out. Though don't let a "bad" forecast sway you to sleep in. We recommend still getting up early and checking the waves out in person. If the waves are too crummy to surf, go get a coffee, journal, or take some time to meditate on the beach. Creating a routine of getting up early and not sleeping in benefits you in the long run.

Pro-Tip: We like to use the Windy weather app to check out accurate surf forecasts, wind, and swell directions. You can find it in the app store here.

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Pack Your Car //

When you're getting a morning surf in before work, every second counts. The more you can do the night before the better so you can maximize your time out in the water. This means you should load up all your gear in your car the night before. This part takes some extra focused detail because if you forget your work shoes for example, you don't want to have to go to work in your sandals or slippers. Your boss may not be stoked about that. So make sure you pack everything you need for surfing, changing, and work. It's a good idea to include a jug of water to help rinse the salt water off after your surf.

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Prepare Your Food //

We recommend eating a nice dinner the night before. Nothing is worse than trying to surf the morning after eating 45 atomic chicken wings at your local Wing Wednesday. Next, if you can prepare your breakfast ahead of time, we recommend doing that. Get the coffee pot ready, set out a breakfast (overnight oats, granola bar, fruit, bagel), fill up a water bottle, etc. The best thing is something that you can eat on the go - because like we said earlier, every second counts!

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Set The Alarm //

Give yourself extra time at first until you get your routine figured out. Try to get a good night's sleep so you're well-rested and energized for your early morning surf session.

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Morning Of //

When your alarm goes off, get up immediately and start getting ready. Don't hit the snooze button or you risk running out of time. Your car should already be packed from your preparation the night before, good job - now go surf! We recommend surfing with a waterproof watch so you can always tell what time it is while in the water. Give yourself ample time to get out of the water, change in to your work clothes, and drive to work.

*Pro-Tip: If the morning is feeling extra cold, you can change in to your wetsuit at home before heading to the beach.

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Post Surf //

Drive to work, feeling refreshed and energized from your morning surf session. When you get to work try and park in the shade so your surfboard doesn't cook in your hot car all day. Additionally, if you can hang up your towel and wetsuit somewhere to dry, you'll thank yourself the next morning when you dawn patrol again and don't have to change in to a cold stinky wet wetsuit.

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One final tip. Coffee is a crucial part of any dawn patrol surf so here's our pick for the best insulated mug for a dawn patrol session. We recommend the Yeti Rambler Hotshot Bottle. This bottle keeps your drink warm both before and well after you get out of the water, it fits in your car cupholder, and it's leak proof for easy on the go carrying.


By following these steps, you'll be able to prepare yourself and gear for a dawn patrol surf before work and make the most of your time in the water while still getting to work on time-ish.

See you at first light!

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