Urban Surf 4 Kids

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For the month of September, all proceeds will be donated to the Urban Surf For Kids. US4K is a nonprofit organization that facilitates beach days for foster kids and at-risk youth so they can surf and experience the joy of the ocean. First Light Surf Club is about building community, sharing waves, and spreading stoke. We could not think of a better way to do that than to give to an organization that is already making that happen! We are inspired and humbled by what US4K is doing in San Diego. Seeing the joy on the kid’s faces as they walk up to the beach (for some being their first time ever), or seeing them ride their first wave is truly an amazing thing to experience. It helped to give us a new perspective on surfing. We hope to continue to use this platform to help others and get more people surfing - it doesn’t always have to be at first light ;)

This is just the beginning. Thanks for your support.


Find out more about Urban Surf 4 Kids here.

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