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For Mother's Day we are spotlighting a rad mom who rips! Residing in San Diego, meet Necia, a wife, mom, devoted surfer, and true embodiment of the First Light Surf Club spirit. From 4:30 AM dawn patrols before the kids wake up to making memories with her kids in the ocean, Necia shares what it's like to balance between motherhood and chasing her passion of surfing.

This Mother's Day, we honor Necia and all the mom's who are chasing their passions, encouraging us in our own, and imparting the stoke of surfing in all of us.


Q. How did you get in to surfing?

Necia - I met another mom at a toddler playgroup in Northern Cali and she invited me to go with her. After the first session I was hooked.

Q. What was the process like picking up surfing as an adult, and how did you find time to go while raising toddlers? 

Necia - I wanted to surf more than I wanted to sleep! Learning to surf while raising young kids meant getting up at 4:30 AM, strapping boards to the car, driving 45 minutes to Santa Cruz, surfing for an hour and driving back to be home just before my husband left for school. When you find something that energizes your soul, it tends to compensate for the price your body pays. I'm glad I said "yes" to trying something new and intimidating. Also I think the trick to learning new hobbies as an adult is focusing more on having fun than being good at it. I'd rather do something mediocrely that brings me joy than do something really well that is boring.

First Light Surf Club, Mother's Day, Surfing, Encinitas, Female, mom, Necia

Q. Where’s your favorite spot to surf?

Necia - My favorite breaks in San Diego are the ones you can only get to by boat. The feel of the open ocean before paddling to the break is pretty great.

Q. How does a morning surf affect your mood and mindset for the rest of the day?

Necia - The morning is a sacred time of day. There's a stillness in the air that settles your thoughts and anxieties. I typically dawn patrol more in the summer because I can do something I love and be back just as the kids are waking. No matter how the rest of the day goes, I know I have done something good for myself.

Q. Your Instagram bio says, "#sandiego, #surfer, #wife, #mom". How do those words define your life?

Necia - I think it sums up “connection”. I thrive when connecting with other humans, and I've found many of those connections in San Diego, with my family, friends, and other surfers who share the stoke.

First Light Surf Club, Mother's Day, Surfing, Encinitas, Female, mom, Necia

Q. What is it like sharing your passion for surfing with your kids? Do they share the same level of stoke as you do?

Necia - Some of my best memories are playing in the ocean with my kids. Night surfing under the full moon, surfing together on the last day of summer, and joining my son for his surf P.E. class were a few of my very favorite. They are not addicted to surfing like I am, but I’m glad they have found a friend in the ocean who is always there as they pursue their other passions.

Q. What was it like raising your kids around the ocean? Was that a priority for you?

Necia - Raising my kids to appreciate nature has always been a priority for me. We’ve lived near the mountains and deserts as well as the ocean. Nature is a huge help for physical, mental and social health. I’m always happy when I hear my teenagers yell that they’re headed to the beach when running out the door.

Q. Any tips for someone who wants to get into surfing?

Necia - Just do it. The ocean is an amazing coach and you’ll make friends along the way. You can educate yourself with free tutorials online and develop more patience as you practice in the water. Also, 25 pop-ups every night is a game changer to improve your surfing : )

First Light Surf Club, Mother's Day, Surfing, Encinitas, Female, mom, Necia

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