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Meet Alec, the High School math teacher that dawn patrol surfs before class.

I've surfed with Alec many times at first light and sometimes even in the dark. It's not always easy to get out and surf before work, but Alec consistently makes it happen. I sat down with Alec to ask him a few questions about life, surfing, and waking up early. Here's what he had to say.


Q. What got you in to surfing and where’s your favorite spot to go?

Alec - My Dad taught my sister and I to surf when we were both very young, however I was reluctant to trying due to fear of the ocean. I picked it up more and caught my first unbroken wave in high school when a friend forced me to start surfing after school. Then when Covid hit, I started surfing each day and fell back in love with it. My favorite spot to go is anywhere with others, I have been loving Oceanside by the pier or in my hometown around Swami's/Boneyards/Pipes. 

Q. What do you do for work and what time do you have to get there in the morning

Alec -
 I work as a high school math teacher in Escondido. Each day starts at 8:30, so I need to be at campus by 8am in order to be ready to start teaching. That usually means I need to be out of the water by 7:15 to be on the road by 7:30. 
Dawn Patrol surf, first light, math teacher surfing
Q. What motivates you to wake up early and surf before work?

Alec - The feeling of a cold morning and glassy waves. No matter how many surf sessions I do, none compare to early morning days. 

Q. What's your morning routine look like on the days you surf before work?

Alec - My routine actually starts the night before where I need to make sure all my gear/board are packed and ready in my car. Wake up at 5am and make some coffee, that is a necessity. Finally try leaving around 5:30 - 5:45 in order to get in the water suited by 6:15 to get at least half an hour in the water.

Q. How do you make sure you get to work on time after a dawn patrol surf?

Alec - I have a hard time cap at 7:15 that is last wave. No matter how good the session is, that time is the absolute last minute otherwise I will be late. 

Q. Any tips for someone who might be thinking of trying to get a surf in before work ?

Alec - Prepare the night before and really try getting to bed early. Make something to eat/drink on the drive in order to have energy when you get to the beach. When it gets colder in the winter, get ready to suit up in your car. Otherwise, get out there, get cold, and shred.
Dawn Patrol surf, first light, math teacher surfing
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